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Vehicle mount computers offers the ability to use your software applications and systems even when going mobile. Nowadays, the market demands use of applications on the go such as route planning, navigation and vehicle camera monitor systems. Our vehicle computers and solutions offers everything from Android based systems to full blown Windows operating system featured in different screen sizes and performance systems.

Tablet PC mount

Conventional field service fleet management solution often requires each vehicle to have an in-vehicle fixed-mount computer for tracking and navigation, and a separate portable computing device for field workers to carry into the field. Our Industrial and rugged Tablet PCs, with dedicated vehicle mounts, offers a two-in-one solution that can replace the conventional fixed-mount computers. These tablets will also replace dedicated field-use tablets as they can be easily removed from the vehicles.

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Truck panel mount

Tactile offers a wide range of In-Vehicle Panel PC's including tracking, fleet management, telematics, video surveillance, rescue and law enforcement. Our products and software provides a total solution for all your devices without the need for multiple screens and computer boxes. All complete with suitable mounting gears for any kind of requirements.

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Forklift Computers

Tactile as a company was originally founded to provide mobile IT solutions for warehouse logistics. As this being the core of our competence we have many years of experience in the logistics area for both hardware, software and communications. All forklift environments are unique and have specific demands. We make sure we guide our customer to the right set of products and solutions for optimized efficiency and cost.

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