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Applications that we provide

Tactile has full capability of providing any type of software application within the industrial & logistics tasks. With our vast knowledge in the hardware & infrastructure architecture we will provide the best and most cost effective solutions, regardless its ready made off the shelf software or unique specific task software. Weather you are looking to complete your current software toolkit, or just don't know where to start, we are the perfect partner & will guide you on the correct path. We have strong know-how in Windows, Android and Mobile development.

Platform Independent software

Our philosophy is to incorporate best of breed technologies and practices and to follow industry standards, rather than develop proprietary solutions or technologies that will cost more for our customers. With our software solutions you will be up and running faster and will not be tied to any specific hardware. Application tasks should be available from any device or location regardless the choice of hardware & OS.

Development process

Our development process consist of 5 phases. We make sure to include the end-users early on in the process to decrease the risk of unecassary pitfalls.

- Requirement gathering

- Planning & Design

- Development / Coding

- Testing

- Deployment & Maintenance

Printer software development

Looking to integrate labeling printing to your software toolkit. We have long experience with software & printing interacting development as well as direct language scripting for your printer hardware itself.

Barcode solutions

Need to integrate barcode labeling and data collection within your software management tasks. Our software toolkits support a wide range of barcode technologies and data gathering enabling total warehouse stock control or production traceability. We make sure both hardware and software are carefully optimized for your needs.

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